Set amongst the peaceful surroundings of beautiful gardens, walkways with a backdrop of tranquil bushland the architecturally designed federation styled villas are home. The site offers 98 low and high residential aged care beds co-located with 82 retirement units which combine to form a vibrant community.

Our staff provide twenty four care clinical and emotional support to our residents and their families in keeping with the spirit of the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres:

We recognize that ageing is a normal process in life and that the aged are entitled to the fullness of life, freedom, spiritual support and comfort from family, friends, staff and the wider community. We believe that the aged need to continue to grow gracefully and carefully in their own vocation. They are therefore encouraged to express their personality and creativity, and have the right to complete information and education to enable them to make decisions regarding their total wellbeing. We consider it is privilege to be with the aged in their last journey of life and ensure the use of all natural means in this journey in line with man’s dignity.

The maximum accommodation payment (for the three months commencing 1 July 2021) can be paid as:

  • a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $288,000, or
  • a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) of $31.88 at an Interest Rate of 4.04% p.a., or
  • a combination of a RAD and a DAP, for example:
  1. Part RAD:  $144,000 plus a Part DAP: $15.94
  2. Part RAD (Deposit): $75,000 plus a Part DAP: $23.58
  3. Any other combination of of RAD and DAP

The agreed Daily Accommodation Payment may be withdrawn from the Refundable
Accommodation Deposit (RAD). This will result in increased interest amounts being payable on outstanding RAD levels